Read a Book! Brian Solis's X: The Experience when Business Meets Design

I'll admit, I haven't read my (ahem, signed copy of) Brian Solis's X: The Experience when Business Meets Design from cover-to-cover, but I have enjoyed Solis's keynote addresses in person on numerous conferences such as CES, SXSW and iMedia Brand Summit. 

I could argue that the book isn't intended to be read cover-to-cover.  Although only 256 pages long, much of it is made up of short chapters with insightful data and graphics such as these:

My interpretation of Solis's style is somewhat akin to how Jerry Seinfeld constructs his material. Solis entertains and informs by pointing out insights that, upon a second glance, should be common sense to any marketer with half a brain. Uncovering these truths is the key to his genius.  To purchase, hit the link below: